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Join the global movement with Marga Hoek, world’s foremost authority on sustainable business, capital, and technology. Brace yourself for dynamic keynotes that spark inspiration and infuse energy into diverse settings worldwide. Experience tailor-made presentations that reflect her innovative vision and provide actionable insights, synergizing profit with purpose for forward progress.


Profitable Purpose
Unlocking Business Opportunities through Sustainable Practices

Discover the path to prosperity: Business for Good is Good Business. Explore how to seamlessly merge profit with purpose, unlocking a wide range of exciting business opportunities that drive sustainable success!

Purpose-Driven Excellence
Leading with Purpose for Lasting Impact

Elevate your leadership: put purpose first! Uncover the strategies employed by visionary companies and leaders to consistently implement purpose-driven initiatives, fostering resilience and unparalleled growth.

Tech Innovation 
Leveraging Advanced Technologies for Good

The tech revolution is transforming Business for Good! Learn how to harness the power of AI and other cutting-edge technologies to catalyze sustainable business opportunities, paving the way for a brighter future.

Investing in Tomorrow
Maximizing Returns with Sustainable Investments

Redefining investment success: Making money while making a difference! Explore the realm of sustainable investing and how it can deliver equal or superior returns while creating a positive impact on the world.

Authentic Leadership
in Turbulent Times

Becoming a Force for Good

Leading with Impact: Unleash your authentic leadership in a chaotic world! Gain invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of modern leadership, emerging as a beacon of strength and authenticity amidst uncertainty.

Future-Proofing Strategies
Tapping into Next-Generation Markets

Seizing tomorrow’s opportunities today: Embrace generational differences and thrive! Discover how to leverage the unique characteristics of upcoming generations and tap into the markets of the future, ensuring sustained growth and success.