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DisruptTV: Tech for Good 01:04:00

Bloomberg Businessweek: Tech for Good 10:52

Sustainable Business Solutions as a Force for Good 10:00

Futureproof 35:00

Data & AI for Good 45:00

AND is the Future, Solvay
The SDGs and The Trillion Dollar Shift 45:50

Thinkers 50
Business for Good is Good Business 18:00

Tech Talks Daily
Tech and the SDGs 36:33

Sustainability Board Report
ESG in the Board

Six Pixels of Separation
The Trillion Dollar Shift 17:00

Irish Management Institute
A new vision for sustainability 19:39

ScaleX Insider
Scaling sustainable business 53:16

AGL 341: Tech for Good with Marga Hoek 36:00

How the Next Wave of Tech Can Help Humanity Flourish 12:10

A Geek Leader 36:51